22 Jul 2022 - 30 Sep 2022

Event calendar

Cultural events

26 August - 4 September, Varna, 30th International Film Festival "Love is Madness", Festival and Congress Center - Varna

7-11 September, Varna, World Animation Film Festival, Festival and Congress Center - Varna

10-11 September, Burgas, Burgas Rum Marathon 2022, Sea Station, Burgas

13 September, Varna - Masterpieces of the classics with the world-famous violinist Alexander Markov, Festival and Congress Center - Varna /MMF Varna summer/

14-16 September, Varna - Baroque concerts, Hall of the University of Economics - Varna /IMF Varna summer/

23-29 September, Varna, 40th Bulgarian Feature Film Festival "Golden Rose" 2022, Festival and Congress Center - Varna

Sport events

9-11 September, Sofia, Parkour World Cup, Armeets Arena

14-18 September, Sofia, Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship, Armeets Arena

24 September, Sofia, Sofia 360 sport fest, NDK, part of the European Night of Sports

25 September - October 2, Sofia, Sofia Open 2022, tennis tournament, Armeets Arena